Vault Wallet Customer is saying they've sent me a transaction it hasn't arrived (Internal Transaction)

When sending assets to another Vault Wallet Customer (Internal Transaction) it’s completed instantly across any transaction at any amount. As soon as the sender hits “Send” no matter the amount it will instantly be received by the recipient. 

Sometimes senders will say that they have sent the transaction and it simply "must not have arrived yet" This may be the case for transactions being sent outside of Vault Wallet or received to Vault Wallet as per the network and confirmations required to confirm the receipt however Internal Transactions (Transactions between One Vault Wallet Customer to another Vault Wallet Customer) is sent and received instantly through Vault Wallet's Blockchain. 

If the sender is adamant that they have sent the transaction please confirm the following;

  • Make sure the sender has sent the transaction 
  • Make sure the sender has correctly entered your Vault Wallet Customer ID (Your Vault Wallet Customer ID isn’t case sensitive) 
  • Request a screenshot of when the transaction has been initiated or ask the sender to visit the transaction on the asset page and screenshot the transaction summary to send to you. 

If you have requested a screenshot of the transaction summary you can provide this to our Customer Support Representatives who will be happy to follow up and confirm the authenticity. 

How can I find the transaction summary?

  • When sending any transaction Internally or Externally you will receive a transaction summary upon sending it which can be sent to your recipient for confirmation. Sending Internally will be sent and received instantly.

If the transaction has already been sent and you have been unable to obtain a screenshot you can always follow the below steps to capture the transaction summary.

1. Click on the Digital Asset Cryptocurrency which has been sent. For example Bitcoin (BTC) below.

2. Click on the transaction which you wish to view the transaction summary of;

3. If you click on "Share Transaction" it will automatically take a screenshot of the transaction summary which can be directly sent via one of your connected applications on your phone. Alternatively, if you're on IOS you can click "Save Image", "Save to Files" or "Print". 

This screenshot should be presented to our Customer Support Representatives for any assistance with any payment. 

If you still have been unable to prove or if you have doubts that the assets have been really sent please contact the Vault Wallet Customer Support by e-mailing or simply visiting Https:// and clicking the live chat icon in the bottom right of the page. 

Provide our Customer Support Representatives with the following; 

  • Sender's Vault Wallet Customer ID
  • Sending Asset and the Amount 
  • Your Vault Wallet Customer ID and registered phone number/E-Mail Address
  • Screenshot from the sender (If Possible - At the time of sending the transaction or transaction summary which can be done by following the below steps which you can send the link of this article to the sender if they're unsure 
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