How can I receive assets from someone who holds a Wallet outside of Vault Wallet (External Deposit)

Vault Wallet Customers sending to another Vault Wallet Customer can say goodbye to lengthily Wallet Addresses, having to spend time checking every letter and number! All you need to do is simply enter your recipients Vault Wallet ID!  

Receiving Assets from wallets held outside of  Vault Wallet is called an External Deposit

Before receiving assets from outside of Vault Wallet you must ensure the following;

  • You will need to provide the sender with your Wallet Address for the specific asset they wish to send to you
  • You must ensure that you provide the sender with the Correct Wallet Asset which they will be sending to
  • Sending to a different Asset Wallet or Network will cause permanent loss to the sending assets which can never be recovered

1. Firstly, you must be logged into your Vault Wallet Account in order to locate your Wallet Address. You can access your Wallet Address by one of two ways. Click on the "Receive"


2. Click on the asset which you wish to receive, make sure you definitely select the asset which you wish to receive. (If an individual is supposed to be sending you USDT erc20 and you provide a different address for example USDT trc20, assets will be permanently lossed upon sending) You must provide the correct asset and network in order to receive assets. 

Sending and Receiving using your Vault Wallet Customer ID completely eliminates this as you do not need to specify the Asset, Network, Address you simply just provide your Vault Wallet ID!

3. Once you have selected any asset from the "Receive" section, you will arrive on the asset page. You will need to click the receive button.

4.  Once you have clicked receive you will be directed onto your receive asset page. You will see both your Vault Wallet Customer ID (This should be used for sending and receiving assets through Instant Internal Transactions without the need to specify Assets, Networks, Addresses and more) 

You will see at the bottom of your screen your Wallet Address for the particular asset which you have selected, you will see details of the network also. At the end of the box you will see a copy icon which upon clicking this will copy the address to your clipboard which can be pasted for sharing.

What is the QR Code used for?

The QR Code is associated with your Wallet Address, it can be used when an individual is sending your assets and is required to enter the wallet address, in some cases they will be able to scan a QR code which will automatically enter the wallet address without having to manually enter it. 

How can I share my Receive asset screen

You can simply share your asset receive screen without having to take a screenshot by simply clicking the “Share” button located at the bottom of the screen. This will automatically share the entire screen with a contact or application which is enabled on your phone. You can also save the image directly to your photos/gallery.

The Sender has sent me the transaction screen for confirmation it still hasn't arrived?

Deposits and Withdrawals within Vault Wallet are instant, depending on where the transaction is initiated from it may take some time in order for it to be processed before it’s sent, or in some cases some providers will Split Transactions.

Senders will often falsify screenshot transaction screens, and block explorer confirmations which aren’t real, if they have initiated the transfer successfully you should ask them to provide the Block Explorer Link which is generated for every external transaction. 

If you have been sent a Block Explorer Link/Confirmation and the deposit has still not arrived you can visit initiate the Live Customer Support to speak with our Customer Representatives who will validate the information provided. 

Vault Wallet recommends only sending and receiving Internally as assets remain within Vault Wallet’s Ecosystem which, we have an accurate overview as to the Transactions initiated, received and sent.

Contacting Vault Wallet Customer Support relating to an External Deposit 

You can visit Https:// and click on the Live Chat Button in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

When contacting our Customer Representatives please try and include the following; 

  • Your Vault Wallet Customer ID 
  • If you have a Vault KYC/Registered Wallet please provide your Registered Phone Number and E-Mail Address
  • Any Link or Screenshot provided by the sender if available 
  • The Asset, Network and Amount which has been sent 
  • The Senders Wallet Address if you have it available
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