Intro to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that doesn’t rely on banks to verify its transactions, it’s peer-to-peer system enables anyone anywhere in the world the ability to send and receive cryptocurrency. When a person transacts in crypto the transactions are recorded in a public ledger which acts as an online database describing specific transactions. Cryptocurrency runs on a distributed public ledger technology, also known as blockchain where a record of all transactions is stored upon, transactions are verified through encryption to provide safety and security to users. Some argue that cryptocurrency is far superior to traditional payment methods as it offers a higher level of privacy and security to users’ assets. The first cryptocurrency was ‘Bitcoin’ which was founded in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto and remains the most popular crypto to this day.

Cryptocurrency is created through mining, Bitcoin along with several other cryptocurrencies use mining to generate new coins and verify transactions on the blockchain. A huge number of decentralised computers around the world make this possible by verifying and securing the blockchain.
Users can buy digital assets from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and then trade or store them in cryptographic wallets such as your Vault Wallet. 

I still need help with my Vault Wallet

  • If you're having any trouble with your Vault Wallet or require help for any reason you can simply E-Mail Vault Wallet's Customer Support Representatives at alternatively, you can visit Https:// and click on the Live Chat Button in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

When contacting our Customer Representatives please try and include the following; 

  • Your Vault Wallet ID & Registered Phone
  • Detailed description of the issue 
  • Any screenshot or Videos of the issue occurring 
  • Anything you have tried in order to resolve the issue
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