How do I keep my digital assets secure?

Vault Wallet strives to continuously strengthen the infrastructure with a dedicated team working 24/7 that prioritises customer safety keeping your digital assets secure away from the ever-growing threats surrounding the digital asset space. As cryptocurrency continues to grow and receive broader widespread attention, hackers will also grow and look to exploit people’s digital assets. Vault Wallet has created a list of ways that users in the space can remain safe and keep their digital assets secure. 

The first and most vital way to keep your wallet to secure is to always protect your 12 or 24-word secret recovery phrase and we encourage all users who haven’t setup a secret recovery phrase to do so immediately. The 12 or 24-word secret recovery phrase is the master key to your wallet, anyone with access to the phrase has access to all the funds in your wallet. We recommend writing your 12 or 24-word phrase down only on paper as printing, screen shotting, or putting in the notes on your phone is not as safe a writing it out on a piece of paper. 

Private keys are like your 12 or 24-word secret recovery phrase in that it gives people the opportunity to compromise your account if they get access to them, although private keys differ for different assets it is still possible one key can lead to all keys being compromised. Vault Wallet recommends keeping your private keys in your wallet as this is where we work to protect your assets and information with our heavily encrypted platform. Although we work around the clock to protect your assets, we also ask you to do your part by setting a strong password for your Vault Wallet account to increase your security. We encourage all users to set a unique password of at least 10 characters including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. If choosing to secure your wallet with the 4–6-digit pin code, we recommend setting a unique code, not your phone code!

I still need help with my Vault Wallet

  • If you're having any trouble with your Vault Wallet or require help for any reason you can simply E-Mail Vault Wallet's Customer Support Representatives at alternatively, you can visit Https:// and click on the Live Chat Button in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

When contacting our Customer Representatives please try and include the following; 

  • Your Vault Wallet ID & Registered Phone
  • Detailed description of the issue 
  • Any screenshot or Videos of the issue occurring 
  • Anything you have tried in order to resolve the issue
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